Expert Medicines Advice & Supply

Our pharmacists can do more than just fill your script, they can also supply expert medicine advice and counselling on medicines and general healthcare.

Custom-made Medicines

Our specialist team can compound and tailor your medications according to any specialised formulations or requirements.

Veterinary Compounding

Working collaboratively with veterinarians and veterinary teams we deliver effective medication solutions to meet the needs of our animal patients on-site.

Blood Pressure Monitoring & Vaccinations

Monitoring your blood pressure and keeping your vaccinations up-to-date is easier than ever, with it all done onsite with our team.

Traditional & Plant-based Medicines

Our expert team specialises in traditional, holistic, and plant-based care to suit each individual patient.

Reduce Opioid Dependency Treatment

Community pharmacies are at the forefront of helping patients with opioid dependency treatment. Our pharmacists and patients involved in Opioid Dependency Treatment (ODT) programs follow strict protocols and all treatment complies with all State and Territory regulations that governs the dispensing of the relevant pharmacotherapy in Victoria.

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